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At a loss for words

It’s not very often that I am at a loss for words, but considering all that has come to light over the past few weeks; I honestly don’t know what to say. I know that we live in a bubble, I know that there are things going on in the world that most of us turn a blind eye to, and I know that we as a people are fallen. What I don’t know is why Jesus loves us so much, and continues to love us, when we are so broken.

In the last two weeks, the ‘stop rape’ campaign has been loudly strung out on the airwaves, with Lead SA even initiating a blood curdling ‘ping’ every four minutes to signify how often a South African girl is raped. Yesterday we heard the news about our sporting icon Oscar Pistorius shooting his girlfriend under strange circumstances. 5fm hosted an interview with the Cove Guardians who are currently in Japan monitoring a cove that is apparently a site for the capture and slaughter of dolphins. My friend posted a picture of how people are boiling live puppies. We continue to struggle on with rhino poaching and the over-fishing of our seas. Hijack. Murder. Assault. Fear! Listening to the news is not only depressing, but terrifying. 

My heart weeps as I write this, because how, after all of this, can we deserve love from Jesus? How can we who rejected, spat on, crucified, and still continue to disbelieve, still retain the love of Christ?! If all of us took 10minutes to reflect on this, maybe we would be a better people. If all of us took 10 minutes to do something kind every day, to think about what it is that we are doing, and how it harms others, or the environment, maybe we would live in a better world.

This was not the intention that God had for us. Our Jesus who loves us so much has showed us what we are to be like, and if we were all a little bit like him, then maybe our world would not be so dark. We are all sinners, but we can also all be saved. To those that commit these awful crimes in the world, I really pray that Jesus shows you his love and grace before he comes again.



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