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Not Your Average Birthday Party

I have always loved dress-up! When I was little I was a typical drama queen, finding any excuse to wear my mam’s old clothes and shoes that were far too big for me. I have had some awesome dress up parties in the past, and my friends knew that they would be sent home on arrival, should they arrive not fully clothed in their best attempts.


My husband and I have won best dressed competitions on a few occasions, and now even have a new camera courtesy of a tens rugby and netball outfit that we donned to a work function last year.

So, when a couple of our friends sent us an invite to a Zombie themed party inspired by the disturbing TV series; The Walking Dead, Xavier and I started plotting our costumes. Excited at the prospects, albeit a tad jet lagged from a 30 hour return trip from Thailand, we headed out on Saturday morning in search of white acrylic paint, face-paint pencils, some rubber gloves and red mouth sherbet. All other necessary items could be found on our dress-up shelf 🙂

I have to admit that once we had finished painting Xav and teasing my hair to split end status (one must make sacrifices for these things) we looked freakishly zombiefied. On the way to the party it was our aim to disturb fellow drivers and pedestrians, but killing ourselves laughing we weren’t very convincing. Until I was made to go and fetch some drinks and leave my pasty white living-dead husband in the car. He got a few petrol attendants with his deathly stare.


On arrival we were thoroughly impressed with everyone’s efforts. There was skin coming off of faces, blood everywhere, mangled limbs and our white friend Justine who had overnight turned into a very dark Jamaican (a character from that TV show apparently). Bryan and Lisa’s house was transformed into a zombie war zone, with ‘do not cross’ tape on the doors, and all sorts of zombie paraphernalia.

What we weren’t expecting was the appearance of the cam corner, and the instructions as to our very own Harlem Shake. Awesome! We were all dead keen! (See what I did there?) We even threw in some MJ Thriller moves. The zombie slayers and zombies bust it out and after a few rounds, we had clips of what was soon to become our very own You Tube video, courtesy of the production of a very talented Bryan Casson.

Post movie-making, we did as party goers do and celebrated with eyeball cupcakes and a squishy brain cake. Good times.

I must give credit to my friends, this was a brilliant theme, and loads of fun. Maybe we’ll reach a million hits and be famous 🙂 please watch and share our videos here:




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