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It’s the little things that count

Most people are familiar with the notion of ‘pay it forward’, but how many of us live by that principal? In recent months, I have become more aware of the little things that can make a person’s day. A smile, or even a ‘thank you’ can leave a big impression on a total stranger, as well as on someone close to you.

Living in Joburg, we deal with endless traffic, and high tempers. There are always stories of road rage shared and feelings of tension that are created on daily commutes. A challenge: Let it go. Even better; let someone in. If a taxi cuts you off mid-turn, don’t shout and swear, let him, in the back of your mind you half expected it anyway. Being courteous in traffic will not only lessen your stress, but doing a good deed for the day will leave you feeling super chuffed. I’m not condoning bad driving, nor do I agree with the way we have to put up with the way taxi’s drive, but we do, so let us make the most of it.

When you are at the till at a shopping mall, how conscious are you of looking the cashier in the eye, smiling, and asking them how their day is going? Despite being a smiley, happy person most of the time, I am definitely guilty of rushing in, buying what I need and rushing out again, knowing if I had to identify the person assisting me, I probably wouldn’t be able to. I can’t imagine having to deal with clients that barely spoke to me all day. So from now on, I will make an effort, no matter how busy I am.

Without wanting to sound like a beauty pageant contestant, it is the small things that can change the world, one bit at a time. If we put a little bit more love into the things we say and do, we might all be a happier people/nation/planet.


We made their day.

We made their day. We took some of our churches foster kids out with the youth.


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