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Maybe I do have a teeny-tiny inner farm girl



My husband is one for lots of ideas. Lots. Often these include us moving to a strange country, or inventing something totally bizarre. They also tend to involve something outside of my comfort zone, which is why ‘no’ tends to be my common answer.

Whilst I admire my hubby for his out-of-the-box thinking, and will credit him for having some brilliant ideas which we just don’t have the capital or resources to chase after, a lot of the time they scare me half to death. One of these recurring ideas, and I know he does it just to tease me now, is for us to be farmers. Yes, farmers. Little inner-city Joburg-loving Tash, scrapping her PR job and heels to don an apron and make home-made jams and spreads. I think not.

However, with that said, I do believe that I may have a teeny-tiny inner farm girl somewhere inside of me, as I thoroughly enjoy things like farmers markets. Yes, I know that Neighbourgoodsis an urban market and so doesn’t really qualify, but it is one of my favorite places to spend a Saturday! Also, Fourways Farmers Market is brilliant!

Now, it may be the foodie aspect of these two weekends jaunts that appeal to me more than anything, but in all fairness, hubby and I have recently started driving to Jasmyn ‘boeremaak’ in Harties, to take advantage of the home-grown, free range, quarter-of-the-price goods! That place is amazing, and very good value for money. I would highly encourage a bi-monthly trip 🙂 Husband told me off for fear of getting beat up, but I also used the market as a means to sharpen up my Afrikaans vocab 🙂

I know that places like these can be a bit way out, but they are so worth it, and the experience is loads of fun. So release your inner farmer (be it urban or old school) and choose something different for a weekend shop.


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