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Oh Let Me Count The Ways

Knee bruises, the day after.

Knee bruises, the day after.

It’s part of the initiation of becoming a cyclist, to go through a ‘cleats day.’ Generally this entails wearing one’s cleats for the first time and getting used to clipping in and out in time enough so as to not fall over. And one does. Generally fall over….just maybe not as many times as I did.

Embarking on our 65km cycle on Sunday morning, I was we’ll aware that I was going to fall off my bike at least once. So the first time it happened, i could laugh it off. At least I knew what I had done wrong, not leaning properly and trying to unclip both feet at the same time is a recipe for toppling. As is, clipping in when stationery.

Now when my chain fell off, I thought I’d managed to get my timing right…nope. Off I bounced into the grass on my left. Many cyclists passing by asked me if I was okay, as I lay half under my bike with one foot still attached trying to figure out what the heck I was supposed to do now. “Yes, I replied. It’s my first day in cleats.” “Oh, well” they all laughed. “Welcome to the club” they said.

Yes, welcome to the club. One more fall onto tar uphill had my resilience crumble and I did cry. But only for a short while. It’s par for the course. And I know I am going to fall again. I think I’ll just let these bruises settle a bit first.


One comment on “Oh Let Me Count The Ways

  1. Kirsty
    September 3, 2013

    Eina! It can only get better 🙂

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