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What have I learnt training for 70.3?

94.7As most of you may know, I am training for Iron Man 70.3 next year, and have recently raced my first triathlon and my first 94.7. In doing so, there have been a couple of things that I have learnt along the way:

  • No matter how hard you try, you will never look sexy doing a race;
  • You will get a ridiculous tan that you can do nothing about;
  • Never sit down fast on something solid, your sit bones are likely to be tender, all the time;
  • Nappy rash cream is a girl’s best friend;
  • You will fall off your bike, more than once, and people will laugh at you;
  • Swimming in open water is harder than it seems, especially when the buoys drift and you have to swim 500m further than originally planned;
  • If you are a newbie or female; you will be racing at midday at some point during a race;
  • Don’t rush applying sun cream in patches, it makes the ridiculous tan even worse;
  • Being a triathlete is not cheap. At all. Start saving now;
  • There will always be something better, or smarter, or prettier on offer that you don’t really need that you want to buy;
  • You have regular mood swings about training; elation, hate, guilt, happiness, feelings of stupidity;
  • You must sleep;
  • The weather is not an excuse not to train;
  • Someone will always be better or worse than you;
  • A lot of dedication is needed; and
  • Cuddling is not part of training, despite how much you’d like it to be.


…I really need to get a new – less dorky – hat…


…I was trying to win something from #purpleLucozade.. I didn’t.


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