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On Inglot and Colour Combinations

One thing that is always on my Christmas list is make-up. Growing up as a dancer, I have had a fond appreciation for the colorful shading of eye make-up for many years, especially after I was allowed to break away from the standard red and white ballet eyeliner.

One of my favorite things to do on Pinterest, is to look for new and unique colour combinations of eye shadows. So imagine my delight, upon discovering the awesome ‘Freedom System’ from Inglot, that allows you to create your own colour palettes.

Now, I know that Inglot isn’t new, and they have had a fantastic shop in Sandton City for a while, as well as many a pop up shop in various shopping centers, but I felt that I should share on this brand, just in case, like me, you had not appreciated them yet.

Although they offer many products – all of which are free from animal testing, and are made from top-notch materials and raw ingredients – I am in love with their eye shadows. They last all day, and just blend beautifully together. Their colour offers are also very vibrant, and fashion forward, so if you are looking for something that will make your eyes pop, you’ll definitely find it in their store.

My collection of Inglot products is a humble one, but this is only the beginning… 🙂

My collection thus far


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