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The Art of Change Rooms

For the seasoned shopper, shopping is more than just going to the store to buy something; it is an experience. Whether this experience lasts an hour or a full day is not the priority, but rather the feeling that the shopper gets for the duration of the experience.

Now, there are many factors that can contribute to the overall experience, such as; the attitudes of floor staff, good lighting, store layout, music, sales, smells, aesthetic appearance of the store, merchandising, and much more. However, there is one vitally important aspect to the shopping experience, that I find, a lot of stores neglect: that of the change room.

I have been to a number of stores that have a beautiful ‘façade’. In store, they are well laid out and the staff are helpful. Picking up garments and swinging them over my forearm I am excited to try on my prospective purchases, only to walk into a dingy, badly lit, and smelly change room. If you want me to buy that skirt, it is important that when I try it on I feel beautiful, and not look like I have thunder thighs because your mirrors are at the wrong angle and the lighting is too sharp. I don’t want to take off my shoes in order to try on a pair of jeans, and have to balance my feet on half of a heel because I don’t want to put my feet on mucky, sticky floors. Nor do I want to have to try and juggle the faulty one hanger that you have given me for my bag, current clothes, and items I’m trying on.

Despite the change room experience being one of the main attributing factors leading to a sale, I am surprised as to how many stores get this wrong. In my opinion, a good change room comes down to a few elements: good lighting, proper mirrors (no, those ones that make you look super thin are not fooling anyone), enough space, hangers, and cleanliness. If you want to go the extra mile, throw in some good décor, a stool for the shopping partner or bag, and a ‘change room bouncer’ that is actually enthusiastic about the 3 or 6 items that you are going to try on, and you’ve got a winning formula.

With all that said, there are some stores that have secured the Goldilocks method to changing rooms, managing to get them just right. In general, Woolworths stores have very good change rooms, that are light, airy and have more than enough space to model numerous outfits. I was recently pleasantly surprised by the newly renovated Cotton On change rooms in Sandton City that have taken on a bit of an earthy urban-chic look, and loved the décor in the 46664 pop up store.

Love the new Cotton On change rooms in Sandton City!

Love the new Cotton On change rooms in Sandton City!

These 46664 pop-up shop change rooms are beautifully decorated

These 46664 pop-up shop change rooms are beautifully decorated



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