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Be Your Own Tour Guide

It wasn’t that long ago that I read an article by @brandslut_, that illustrated how we Joburger’s need to be our own PR personnel for Joburg, titled Dear World, Meet Johannesburg.

At a time when Joburg residents are angry at government, and finding any excuse to nag about our city, this concept could never be more pertinent.

Our friends know my hubby and me, as the resident Joburg tour guides. If you are short on ideas on what to do on the up and coming weekend, we are happy to offer our advice, and try to keep up to date with the goings on of our awesome city.

We recently met a couple of German tourists while we were backpacking in the Transkei, and got chatting about Joburg. Typically they had heard all the tourist warnings, and were wary of coming to the city of gold… and guns and crime (as they had been told). So, we offered them a place to stay at our little home in Broadacres. Excited by the prospect of new friends and an opportunity to put our Jozi knowledge to the test, we planned an action-packed weekend for ‘Ze Germans.’

We picked them up from Rosebank on a Saturday afternoon, and started their Joburg experience with a good old South African Braai and rugby game, catching up on all their stories from their – what will be – 6 month SA backpacking holiday.

We were up early on Sunday morning and headed to 44 Stanley Ave for a stroll around the shops and an espresso at ‘Bean There’ coffee. Then we headed to Maboneng, one of our all-time favourite places in Joburg. We walked the streets and spent time in the Joburg Shop – a must do! By this time our tummies were grumbling and so we hit Arts on Main for lunch.


Delicious espresso from Bean There. Fairtrade coffee shop at 44 Stanley Ave.

Delicious espresso from Bean There. Fairtrade coffee shop at 44 Stanley Ave.

Awesome badge from the Joburg shop in Maboneng!

Awesome badge from the Joburg shop in Maboneng!

Satisfied by a variety of dishes and a crowded market place, we drove to the Apartheid Museum. Despite the language barrier, our new friends, and us, were educated in the struggle, and humbled by all that we have come from. The Sunday ended off with a family dinner and more stories about our new friends’ travels.

Apartheid Museum

Monday morning, Xav dropped off our guests at the Gautrain, where from they caught the train into Soweto for a Soweto cycling tour. Something we have wanted to do for ages! Sebastian and Melanie were blown away by the town, and the friendliness of people there, and came back home happy, and full of positive stories about their time spent not only in Soweto but in SA as a whole.

On the Tuesday we were treated to a traditional Bavarian meal whilst admiring the beautiful SA summer weather. It was an incredible privilege to be able to share our home with such a wonderful couple, not only in the sense of our house, but in the diverse, friendly and awesome city that we get to call home!

Sometimes it takes an outsiders opinion to make you realize how blessed we are. There were a few stories shared by our friends that had my chest swelling with pride!

Yes, we have our problems. Yes, Nkandla is a slap in the face of any Gauteng resident. We deal with crime and horrible news on a daily basis, and e-tolls are an ongoing struggle. But it’s not all doom and gloom. We live in a place that is made by the people that occupy it, and what better way to share the love than to embrace each other and our home.



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