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This blog is about me and my misadventures to get lost in the beautiful city that we live in… as well as some of my random mumblings

Spring has sprung

I was in a yoga class on Tuesday, where during the breathing exercises, our instructor told us to “breathe in the goodness of spring” and “breathe out all the negativity of winter.” Whilst I had a bit of a giggle at the ‘earth fairy-ness’ of this statement, it was something that I could definitely relate to.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been on-and-off sick for 7 months (hence the neglect of my blog). I would never have usually considered myself as a ‘sickly’ person, but it was almost like my immune system decided that it had had enough, and went on an extended ‘vay-cay’ over the winter months.

Now that spring is here, my body feels like itself again, and I am heart-happy and healthy once more! As the weather changes from cold to hot overnight, and as everything opens and the dry and brown surrounds of Joburg are lifted by little pockets of colour, it’s as if all of the city breathes out a sigh of relief (and breathes in some happiness).

There is something very soothing and uplifting about watching flowers bloom, and writing this as I stare out my bedroom window at our newly planted garden affirms this.

My husband and I are by no means green-fingered people. In fact, we have killed every single one of the pot plants that we have previously owned. But, we decided to make our garden our own, and sought the consultation of family members and friends before choosing our plants and the types of ratio compost that we would need.
It has only been two weeks, and I have already been into the garden to cut a snippet of oregano to add to our dinner, and mint to add to some home-made iced-tea. Our bok-choi is sprouting beautifully, and we have one strawberry starting to surface.

Walking around our garden, inspecting little buds and admiring our herbs has become one of our favourite past times. I have no doubt that my yoga teacher would approve of this, as this year, we are breathing in our very own spring! So if you are still feeling the pinch of winter, I’d encourage you to spend some time outside. Plant something, or just spend some time breathing in all of the colours of the beautiful country that we live in.



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