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Travel and Trinkets

We are house-sitting my parent’s house while they are overseas, and as I walk around, I am constantly reminded of holidays that we have taken as a family. Walking in and out of each room, with the Jack Russell Mowgli in tow, is a fabulous reminder of how blessed we were to have travelled as kids.

Now, my mam and dad are not the photo type. In fact, I don’t think there is one photo of any of us hanging on the walls in their home. Nor are they the ‘tourist souvenir’ type, and so they would very seldom buy anything from those little commercial shops in the airport where you can pick up a fridge magnet for three times the usual price or purchase an ‘I heart somewhere’ t-shirt. (Ok, an exception was made in New York, but it was Times Square, and well…because New York).

No, my parents’ home is filled with pieces of art, and unique artefacts from their travels. It’s no surprise really that their last two homes have taken on an Asian influence, because that part of the world has been well traversed by the Fenwick family. Think upward slanted rooves, and terracotta warrior statues.

Along with gentle reminders of wonderful holidays, each little trinket or piece of art is a token to my parents’ hard work. Having moved to South Africa in 1984 with no money, my mam and dad tell stories of how they have lived in a one bedroom apartment in Hillbrow, with another couple, and a sink in the bedroom, and built their first bed. (My dad also likes to tell stories of how he grew up in a “hole in the road”, but I think that is a Geordie thing.)

Furthermore, it shows a dedication to their own hearts, in that their rule was to try to travel somewhere overseas every year “because they have worked too hard not to.” Yes, all these reminders do bring on some feelings of nostalgia, but they are also an encouragement to Xav and me. An encouragement to keep saving for those trips, and that the two Balinese hibiscus wood statues hanging on our wall that we bought on Honeymoon, are the start of our very own collection.

This is a hand stitched piece of art...amazing.

This is a hand stitched piece of art…amazing.


A beautiful set of drawers from one of our Far Eastern travels.

A beautiful set of drawers from one of our Far Eastern travels.



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