tashzoe – lost in the city

This blog is about me and my misadventures to get lost in the beautiful city that we live in… as well as some of my random mumblings


Growing up with geordie parents, I’ve learnt to appreciate the things that make our country unique. One of the first things I look forward to when returning from an overseas trip; is the friendly “Sawubona’ greeting when stepping off the plane. I love that South Africa has so many different facets to it, and that after sorting through all the dirt, we are left with a beautiful and rare commodity that is our country and the people in it.

I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel and write a travel blog about all the ‘touristy’ things that there are to do in Joburg, but rather am excited about the prospect of shaking away the comforts of living in Joburg North and exploring our city more. Follow my blog for an insight into me, and me in Jozi – husband in tow – as I set off to become enriched by the city of gold.


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